Realness of reality

Trained my mind to only believe reality But realness of reality has become dependent Dependency on the ability of people to manipulate What's real? What's not? I thought i knew, then I discovered the power of illusion The new world is full of its thriving power Yet we grew up with the foundations of the... Continue Reading →



The feeling will forever be imprinted in my essence The specific mixture of empowerment, happiness, relief and pride Freedom, that's what it felt like Relief was coursing through my veins Because no longer did the toxins have access to me I've taken myself away from the grabbing hands The hands that were trying to take... Continue Reading →

Voices in my head

At first they were whispers Seductive temptations of turning against kindness Provocative murmurs of turning wild Persuading me to abandon my youthful innocence Trade it on for a savage life Telling me to throw kindness and niceness out the window "They don't deserve you" they whispered The voices showed me that my words could be... Continue Reading →

Past The Pain

Once the pain began to subside, I remembered the love I felt it shining down on me Cascading in its different textures and volumes As if she herself was sending it to me  Reminding me of all the good feelings I could recall It makes it easier Makes me smile and reminisce I can feel... Continue Reading →

Warm Heart in A Cold World

Heart once filled with innocence  Nearly consumed by time Purity in its essence  Warm to the touch With so much love and kindness to give But the cold world had different plans for it The cold world was like a beast My warm heart one of its many preys Its one obsessive fixation being to... Continue Reading →

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